True Heaven Cabin

Meet The Hosts

Greetings from the TRUE HEAVEN CABIN Family,

Joseph, Lorena, Justin, Janette, and Janelle extend a warm welcome as the proud owners and hosts of TRUE HEAVEN CABIN. This cabin holds a special place in our hearts as our cherished family vacation retreat nestled in the mountains. We’re thrilled to open our doors to you, no matter where your journey originates. Our goal is to ensure you experience the feeling of staying in your very own second home.

Back in 2004, we discovered the enchanting Ellijay, GA, while on a quest for a mountain escape that embraced all four seasons. This hidden gem, closest to South FL, captivated us with its small-town charm, babbling rivers and creeks, and breathtaking mountain vistas. The historic downtown with its quaint buildings, boutique shops, antiques, art, exquisite dining options, and cozy coffee shops, all surrounded by abundant outdoor adventures, left an indelible mark on us. This blend of Easy – Rustic – Luxury mountain living was precisely what we had been seeking.

Our excitement knows no bounds as we share our dream of relaxed luxury and rustic living in the mountains with you. Our aim was to fashion a space where Chic seamlessly melds with Rustic, and laid-back coexists harmoniously with Luxury. The birth of TRUE HEAVEN CABIN was the serendipitous collision of Rustic Living and Country Charm.

While staying with us, expect a lifestyle that is inherently rustic yet exudes luxurious character. So, we invite you to enter, stay a while, unwind, and savor the authentic experience of true laid-back luxury. Your journey at TRUE HEAVEN CABIN begins now!

With an abundance of sights and experiences awaiting you, we encourage you to explore at your own pace and uncover all that TRUE HEAVEN CABIN and Ellijay have to offer. Our website is your guide to discovering every facet of our heaven.

Our deep affection for the Ellijay area has led us to hope that it becomes one of your cherished getaways too. We invite you to secure your reservation now and embark on an unforgettable journey to what can only be described as “Heaven on Earth.”

Don’t wait, book now and start your Heavenly Adventure!